Several months ago, we asked our followers on Instagram if they would be interested in merchandise, and the majority said yes. But we didn’t want to just drop a merchandise line to make profit for ourselves (because what would we even use it for?). We wanted it to have meaning and purpose.

Because of this, we decided to donate all proceeds directly to the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. The money never passes through our hands, and we make absolutely no profit from these shirts.

In addition to our merchandise, you can donate directly to the OAF through our gofundme page:

With that said, below are links to our three merchandise designs available in a variety of colors.

Design #1

Inspired by the most recent chapel series, this highly requested design plays off of the “Know Jesus, Know Joy” design of Cedarville t shirts. It comes in two shades of blue complete with yellow logo and lettering to help you blend this design in at Cedarville.

Buy this design at:

Design #2

Design #2 features our logo in the top left, and the back is a design that speaks to individuality: it says “nonconformist“ with 15 identical dots and 1 unique dot. Going with the crowd and conforming to legalistic rules stands against our values. We, and each of our supporters, are considered nonconformists by the University. So let’s wear that name with pride!

Buy this design at:

Design #3

Our personal favorite, design #3 again features our logo on the front within two eclipsing circles. This speaks to the common ground we all share with our fellow students and even with the administration. The back has a graphic of a barcode with the UPC 1887 2021, which are the years Cedarville was founded and of course this year. The barcode is meant to represent the priceless value of openness, dialogue, and understanding. This shirt makes a statement: “you can’t censor us,” a reminder that when we allow openness and free speech ourselves, we forge a community of free expression around us.

Buy this design at:

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